Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nutella is the reason orangutans are endangered. Think about THAT the next time you want a crepe.

Hi world,

Okay, so maybe not the sole reason. Naturally, this was the first thing I told my roommates when they woke up this morning, just to brighten their day. But something to think about, no? This morning when I was doing research for a Biology paper on orangutans (it happened) I discovered that a main cause of rainforest destruction in Borneo and Sumatra is tree-clearing for palm oil plantations. "Dear lord," I thought to myself. "PALM OIL IS A KEY INGREDIENT IN NUTELLA." Obviously, there are many environmental, biological, and human-impact reasons animals are endangered, but it's always interesting to me to think about what goes into our food and how it affects the rest of the world. One reason veganism is appealing to me is because to me, it feels like the most fair and socially, environmental, and economical choice. I am by no means suggesting you do the same, but it is so interesting to really consider what we are eating.

Anyways, last night was very exciting. My roommate Emily and I went to a poetry reading her boss was doing at Busboys and Poets, which is this hipster bookstore/restaurant/bar in DC. The style of poetry was very different from what current American poetry, so it was interesting to compare to his Pakistani perspective. It went a little longer than we expected, so instead of having dinner there as we planned, we ended up getting takeout and headed home. I went with the veggie burger which came with lots of delicious avocado and sprouts, and sweet potato fries. The burger was good but really spicy, so the sweet potato fries were the best part. Emily had the falafel sandwich, which she also liked but did not love. The rest of the evening was devoted to bio test studying and bio lab writing.

This morning I had a bowl of Kashi GoLean with a bowl of almond milk. I am now REALLY out of groceries. Hopefully I will get to the store later and have an exciting blog post with tips for one of my favorite activities: GROCERY SHOPPING.



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